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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Update: Snails Pace

Amos my love. This kid has stolen our hearts completely. He is a character for sure! He can be naughty and adorable at the same time. He'll be 12 in just a couple of months, wearing 5t pants. His jawline and face are beginning to change, as boys do. A "tween" in a toddler-sized body.

In June Amos and Audrey switched to a different school with a different approach to teaching that will be better able to address their post-institutional needs and behaviors. I LOVED their other staff, it just wasn't a good fit for those two.  They are now in the same school with Abel, and the three kids make up one class.  The staff are spending the summer program getting to know the kids, and in the fall will have their new plans in place. So far this change has been very positive for all three kids! Before they didn't acknowledge one another's presence, but now are seeking out each other! Amos' behavior at school is already improving. At home he's just a happy guy!

Amos' previous family has decided they will support moving forward with the adoption plan, but they will not be paying any of our legal fees. Thank you SO MUCH to those who contributed to the gofundme, as well as the t-shirt fundraiser. We were able to come up with half the attorney retainer fees, and Dean and I scraped together the rest. We're hoping to have our last $2500 by August 1st. Since there are three states involved we expect this to be a slow, complicated process that quickly eats through our retainer funds. 

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Heather said...

Continuing to pray for your family as you move forward in this process! I am so happy that Amos is thriving!