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Sunday, July 03, 2016

T-shirts! T-shirts! Get your T-shirts!

My friend Lisa has started a T-shirt fundraiser for us. Proceeds go directly to our adoption expenses. I have ordered shirts from TeeSpring in the past, and I LOVE them! The sweatshirts are my favorites. When the weather is right, they're my GO TO sweatshirts. My kids all have 3:21 shirts and they are very comfortable and hold up to my kids's rough and tumble ways. If you would like to order a shirt, please CLICK HERE. Please, don't be shy about sharing. ;-)


jody said...

How do these shirts run size wise? I'm a 1X at kohls, what works here?

jody said...

Bella+canvas v-neck jersey......unisex. Thanks, Jody

Leah Spring said...

Jody, thanks for your interest in a tshirt! If you clikc on the "click here" link, it will take you to the order page. The shirts I have ordered there have been pretty true to size. I also wear an XL.

jody said...

Can't wait for the shirt to come!

emeraldcity said...

I don't remember how I first found your blog... one day I clicked on a link and got lost in your story. I have spent many hours reading hear and on your adoption blog. So many overwhelming times for you and your family to endure.
Can you post any type of update about the young boy you are trying to adopt? I keep checking back in hope that there will be some news.