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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

School Pics

We finally have everyone's school pictures back! With a couple of retakes they turned to great this year. Audrey? Yeah, she is the happiest girl I know…until a camera comes out! You will notice three of the kids are wearing coordinated colors. This was a weak attempt to have coordinating pictures on the wall.  Of course when Axel's picture day rolled around I couldn't find his matching shirt. That's just how we roll around here!

Audrey 1st grade, age 10

Axel 7th grade, age 14

Abel 5th grade, age 11

Asher, 2nd grade, age 10

And of course Angela, 12th grade, age 18


eliz said...

Beautiful! (((HUGS)))

Christine said...

I love these pictures. They all turned out very nice.

Christine said...

Wow! I have had many things going on in my life and have not followed you in a very long time I see. The children are so grown now. Axel looks great. What handsome young man he is becoming. And Asher, what a cutie. Angela is such a pretty young lady. I can't believe how much I have missed. I am now just meeting Abel and Audrey.
You are a wonderful human being. Your children look amazing and very happy.
I am glad that you are doing well. Thanks for continuing to blog about your family.