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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lets Not Talk About It

I can talk about a lot of things.

I can talk about nipples, I can talk about breasts.

I can talk about surgeries and implants and tissue expanders.

But, it makes my knees weak to hear someone describe in detail how a reconstructed nipple is formed (cut an "s" shape, twist those pieces around and sew them together) or how incisions are made and breast implants or expanders inserted.

When my plastic surgeon says things like, "I need you to be size x so that I have enough skin to cover a size X implant". No. I am sorry. I cannot hear that. I cannot hear how you are going to stretch my skin and the types of sutures you will use to put it all back together.

Don't think you can do anything to me under light sedation "just enough to relax you" because I do not want to hear noises, feel tugging or other sensations, or anything else that there is even a slight chance I will remember. Just knock me out and get it over with. I don't need the details.

When you come here and don't want to read the details, just hit that little X up in the corner, OK? 


TUC said...

My tummy did a flip flop when you explained how a nipple is reconstructed. However, I did wonder about that, and now I know. I don't blame you for wanting to be knocked out!

Cindy said...

Knock me out too. Ignorance is bliss.

Fatcat said...

Your blog may be the only place you can talk about it and if it helps you, honey, go ahead. Blog what you want and as Hank the Cowdog would say "Let the chipmunks fall where they may."


eliz said...

Knock me out too! Last light sedation I had (oral endoscopy) I woke up trying to tell them "PAIN!!" They freaked out.
((((HUGS)))) Life isn't pretty.