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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer Bucket List

I think Dean and I need a bucket list for next summer to make up for the things we didn't do with the kids this summer.

Normally I do one fun outing during the week with the kids. A trip to the zoo or some community event. Then on the weekend we do one family outing. This summer? This was "The Summer that Mommy Laid on the Couch."

We did exactly four fun things. No wonder my kids want to go back to school so bad. Its not just about keeping kids busy (though that is a lot of it) it is also about showing the world to our new kids.

Do you know Audrey doesn't remember me with hair? I  show her pictures of me with hair and she doesn't know who it is. That makes me sad. She'll get over it, I know, and so will I. At the moment it makes me a little bit sad.

So, I'm off to work on the bucket list for next summer. Some weekend road trips. Some local attractions that all kids should see. Living, that's what we'll be doing. Living.


rosedel said...

That's a great idea! Planning fun things is fun all by itself. Do you live near an ocean? That's my favorite place to watch kids play and exhaust themselves. :)

Leah Spring said...

Rosedel, no we are in Minnesota. For water we go to the lake. LOL

eliz said...

Leah I have been so busy the last year with our very last addition. (Mercy) I had no idea you were adopting a little girl! She is adorable!! I had no idea you had cancer! My heart goes out to you. Last year I was quite close to getting a Biopsy, but we are watching what they think is a cyst but not 100% sure. I was so thankful and then I came here to visit your blog and cried. :o(
I cried happy tears for Audrey, and angry mad tears for cancer. I love your honest heart felt posts. I have been praying. I had not had time to post till now. All 15 of us are in northern MN on the lake since 8/11 when I read your blog. Last year MA almost died, we stayed home all summer. This year we just went for it, even though MA's in a wheel chair!
You are LOVED Spring family! If there is ANYTHING we can do! Do not hesitate to ask!
((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) and LOVE,

Daneille said...
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