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Saturday, August 02, 2014

A Little bit of Audrey

Audrey has been home 4 1/2 months now. Last week we put up a small pool. Yesterday she was scared to death of it. Today she watched Asher and Abel splash around and decided she wanted in!

Audrey LOVES music and will do almost anything if you put it to music. She is imitating more and more. It is so fun to see her coming out of her shell! Her understanding of English is increasing daily. She follows directions really well. Sometimes one of the boys don't understand a direction so she will do it for them! Please excuse my annoying singing in this video! (the boys in the pool to the side make it look really deep. Its only waist deep on them. They LOVE it!)


Ian & Ruby said...

Such a beautiful happy girl; it won't be long before she is really swimming!

DandG said...

She is so amazing! Coming along so nicely in just a few months!!!

Sasha said...

oh my word - she is so cute! I just stumbled upon your blog (it was linked, a years old post about children with DS in other countries ... these videos brought smiles back to my tear filled face!) I have a four year old, Zoey, who has DS! just thought I'd say "hi" and how adorable your little girl is!