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Saturday, August 23, 2014


I've been quiet lately. I have all kinds of things to say, I just don't know how to say them or where to start. I'm at a loss for words.

On September 12th I'll be having a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. I wish there were a way to know what the end result will be. There is no way to predict how I will heal. Breast cancer stays with you. Forever.

Please watch this video. Breast cancer is not a pink ribbon. Breast cancer is about survival. It is also about the 39,620 men and women per year in the US who don't survive. ( ) If breast cancer stayed in the breast people wouldn't be dying from it.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Leah. I have followed your blog for some time now and enjoyed your humor, your love, your children, your experiences...and I am here to agree with you that cancer SUCKS! I have it, too....stage 4 Colon cancer, mets to liver, tumor removal with colostomy addition...and I hope to rncourage you tonight as you struggle on in your survival! The past year has been difficult for me, too, adjusting to a new normal, lots of chemo...but I've also been blessed beyond beliefs blessed to connect with people, including my adult daughter and young grandchildren, at a much deeper level. Blessed to reconnect with people. Blessed to learn that I've had a positive impact on people. Blessed to live each day and relish it mor knowing it is numbered and with a smaller number than I ever expected. Blessed to love and be loved. Blessed to have chemo eith minimal side effects and pretty good outcome. I hope you can experience some of this joy like I have. I know your situation is much different, having a young family depending on you as you fight this beast...but I hope you can see some beautiful sunlight in the darkness!
With positive thoughts, love, and hope...

Tigger (aka Karyn) said...

When I had my mastectomy I was surprised that the scar was so neat. I am fortunate with that. But I wish I had been given the option to have both removed because I cannot view my remaining breast as anything other than a potential enemy. It is also cumbersome and uncomfortable, sometimes downright painful, to wear a prosthetic. I can't have a recon because I have had radiation and it destroyed my skin but I would rather have no breasts. I don't qualify for a prophylactic mastectomy now because I have stage 4 cancer. I am glad you made the decision to have the mastectomy. It is the safest path. And having an immediate recon means no mucking around with prosthetics. Praying for surgery with no complications and a beautiful result.

Betsy said...

Lots of prayers for your recovery after your surgery and everything is successful. blessings!