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Friday, May 02, 2014

Guess what!

Remember when I posted about having to sell my motorcycle? And I was really not very happy about it at all? Well, I received many inquiries about it, but in the end nobody actually showed up to look at it. This was such a long, cold, horrible winter. Whenever someone was going to come take a look it was a million degrees below zero, or there was a blizzard or some other weather related problem. It just never worked out. I had one guy from the sidecar community offer to pick it up, trailer it to his shop to fix the carb free of charge, then return it to me so I could sell it for a better price.

Eventually we completed the adoption and there was no longer a reason to sell my bike. Then I was diagnosed with cancer. I decided I would get it fixed and ride this summer. My bike was my sanity and I really felt like I would need that this summer, so a couple weeks ago we brought it to the shop, and now it's ready to ride! I'm hoping the weather this weekend isn't too horrible so I can get it home. The first big ride of the season is right around the corner, and I'm going to be on it!


Tami said...

Good for you!! My Dad has ridden all of his life...well, about 10 years ago, my Mom became afraid to ride with him, so he sold the bike. They later moved to Florida, and to save money on gas, Dad bought another, bike to ride to work. He then found a great group of guys to ride with, and he is much happier :) He missed riding...I'm happy to see you are going back to it :) Both of my brothers ride, as well as my sister in law. I love to ride, but never learned to operate one.

Tigger (aka Karyn) said...

As soon as I became functional again after my first chemo I got on my bike and really enjoyed it. Post chemo you have no helmet hair issues and with a sure knowledge that God has all your days already worked out you can just relax and ride.

It was pretty cold here today but I rode my motorbike to work (driving a country school bus on a casual basis). Loved just being out on the road even though I arrived with fingers and nose numb.

One of my dreams is to have a motorbike with a sidecar so I can take Talitha with me on the bike. I just can't trust her to hold on if she is on the back.

Maybe one day we can ride together!! If I ever get over there I will hire a bike :)

Amy J said...

You go Girl!!!

Relle said...

That is so cool that your motor bike didn't sell(God stuff) and that you get to ride this summer. What a perfect way to fill up your soul and enjoy God's creation at the same time. Awesome.