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Monday, January 06, 2014

This is Snow

A couple weeks ago there was a day that both the little boys were home AND it was nice enough to play outside. (there hasn't been a warm enough day since!) 

Abel, I want to show you this stuff. 

This is "snow". See it? 

Here, hold out your hands.

Wait, there is more snow over here. 

This is better snow right here. Touch it Abel!

Here it comes!!

What the...Did you just throw that stuff at me?

This is weird stuff!

Want some more?

I'm gonna get you Asher!

Do this Abel! It's a snow angel.

There. I did it. Can we go in now? 

Mom. Really. I don't like this stuff. 

I give up. I refuse to like it. 

Its ok Abel. We'll try it again another day.


Dianna said...

While the temps. drop below freezing, this blog update absolutely warms my heart! What a wonderful sight to see Asher and Abel playing together. The captions for each picture are perfect, and the facial expressions say it all!

DandG said...

So adorable!

Stephanie said...

At least he tried, right?! Love the last picture.......they seem to have a great relationship.