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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Photo Catch Up

I take lots of pictures with my phone, but usually forget to upload them to my computer. (mostly because I hate using my droid with my mac. I want my iphone back.) 

Loving having a Papa!

Dean's parents gave Axel this Thomas the Train travel set for his birthday back in August. He loves it. He takes it out and very carefully spreads it out on the living room floor, then lines up all the trains just so. He puts the helicopter on the landing pad, then acts out all kinds of scenes. He does this most on Friday or Saturday nights when the little boys go to bed early and won't pester him. He plays with them for a coupe of hours, then when he is done he very carefully folds up the mat "just so", and puts all the pieces back in the box, exactly where they go. Then he puts it back in his hiding spot. I just took these pictures last night, and you can see how he's taken such good care of it all this time. He is like this with all his toy! 

The kids were playing in the sensory room with us watching on the camera. We couldn't find Asher in the room so we started panning. Asher found US! LOL

Abel's runner Laura sent him a gift. He loves it! 

Roman is always taking the small toys he can find around the house and dragging them into his kennel. Apparently this puppy was thirsty too. 

A bunch of busy elves on Christmas Eve.

Another girl outfit has found its way into the  house! I can't wait until J is here to wear it!

One day the little boys were being particularly rambunctious but I needed to make dinner so I brought the tunnel upstairs. Later when the went to bed it was folded up to be put away. Except Dudley discovered it and figured it must me for him.

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Dianna said...

It's always fun seeing updated pictures of the family, dogs included! Both Roman and Dudley look quite content! Abel has such a sweet smile. He sure seems happy to be home here!