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Sunday, June 16, 2013

This Man

Nearly 10 years ago I had an online conversation with this guy named Dean. We were on the popular dating site, We chatted for a bit but he's not much of a typist so he asked if he could call me instead.

I put a lot of weight on those first phone calls. If I had didn't like their voice or I had to carry the conversation that was usually the last I had contact with them. But this guy Dean, he could hold his own. We talked about our kids, our love of motorcycles, and...well...we talked for quite awhile!

The next day he called asking if I'd like to meet him for dinner. On August 22nd, 2003 I arrived at the agreed upon restaurant and passed a pretty Harley parked in front. I wondered if it was his. I found him sitting at the bar. We chatted for hours. The next night we met again, and again that bike was parked out front. At some point I asked if that was his bike and he confirmed it was. We went on a ride.

End of story.

Only it's not really, is it? When I met Dean he was a divorced dad of one son. I brought with me Angela and "the big boys". Dean had no idea what Down syndrome was, so he went home and did some reading online. He decided he'd give it a try.

God brought both Dean and I through a lot of things in life before we ever met one another. Without going through those events we wouldn't have been prepared for one another.

God knew.
And now look at this amazing man. My hero. My best friend. The man who CHOSE to be father to every one of our kids.


DandG said...

Happy Father's Day to Dean and all of you. What a sweet story!

We met very similarly, in April 2003, on (Jewish analog of, and were married in December 2004.

You have indeed been blessed!

Toni said...

Beautiful. This post and pictures made me teary. You can really see the love and light in Dean's eyes. May you be blessed with many more years!

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful tribute to a very special man! Happy Father's Day, Dean!

mielkay said...

Happy Father's Day to Dean. I hope you all got to spend the day together.

I went out with my husband because of a blind date. 22 years later I'm still happily married to my best friend.

Devon said...

What a great post! Happy Father's Day Dean!