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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Asher has terrible feet. Angela's are next on the list, and Axel's are pretty darned good!

One of the problems with Asher's feet is that his big toes turn and curl UNDER his other toes as he steps. Like he's trying to grip with them, but they go under his toes instead. We can get orthodics for his arches, but nothing that will really help the placement of his big toe. Eventually this is going to cause major joint problems in his feet, later the knee and hip.

I'm thinking of getting him these:
These are Skele-Toes running shoes by Fila Footwear. The smallest size they come in is what Asher is wearing now: Toddler size 10.  My brain tells me that because each toe has a place to go, his toe won't be able to curl. It also says I have enough trouble getting his fingers into gloves, how will I get his toes into them????

Surely you have some thoughts?


Hevel Cohen said...

I had to giggle. You knoe a famous formerly Minnesotan blogger is known for her passion for Vibrams.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to share that has these on sale for $28.99 if you decide you want to get some!

gps said...

Summer is coming. How about sandals with a separate big toe, like Birkenstocks?

And patiently waiting... said...

Sorry no, but good luck!! :)

Grace said...

I have a pair of these shoes and I thought they were going to be the greatest thing on earth but honestly I haven't found that they are better in anyway than any other shoes I've owned. I can't imagine trying to put them on a child who has toes that curl under though :(


Kim said...

A friend has them and said it took him quite a while to build up the callouses he needed to be comfortable in them... but he likes them now.

Laurie said...

I would maybe try an orthotic, like one of the Cascade orthotics..... . and modify it (or have a brace shop modify it) by bringing a soft strap up between the 1st and 2nd toe... then wrap over the big toe and velcro under the orthotic. Means having to have very lightweight stretchy socks..... and means putting the orthotic ON the foot and then sliding the foot AND the orthotic into the shoe.
Might be able to do something similar with a sandal or croc??