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Monday, May 14, 2012

Kid or Cat?

Shortly after Asher arrived here from Serbia, we noticed he would often find patches of sunlight shining on the floor. When he found them he'd do all he could to get his entire body into the patch on the floor. If it was only a small patch he'd put his hand in it, wiggling his fingers in the warmth.

Now that it's (slowly) been getting nice outside, he craves being out in the sunlight. He's very quick to race you to the door if he knows you're going out. This morning Dean was watering the plants he gave me for Mother's Day. He went back inside to refill the pitcher and returned to find this:

Hopefully now that we can be outside much of the day his Vitamin D levels will start coming up!


Jackie said...

oooo, or Dog! My dogs do this on the deck lying all in a row... I can't imagine the shards of sunlight Asher spent his days in the orphanage trying to capture. Now he can soak it up for REALZ! Soak it up baby you deserve all the sunshine in the world~!

Cindy said...

We love the sunshine too! Seattle is finally getting some and we're out in it every day!

Glad he's able to just soak it up!

Anna said...

out little G loves patches of sunlight too. She does this to find her friend- her shadow. Soooo sweet.
So glad he is able to play in the sun.