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Monday, May 14, 2012

School Lunch

Asher is in Kindergarten. He is in a regular classroom and is just one of the regular kids. Today, to get a "taste" of 1st grade, the kindergarteners are eating lunch at school. I've been really tempted to just keep him home. He's so NOT ready to be eating at school yet. We're working hard to get rid of his very bad oral motor habits. Him feeding himself is a horribly messy scenario and I don't want him stigmatized at school for the way he eats. I'm so tempted to keep him home. He's not going to first grade next year anyway. Hmmmmm Decisions. Decisions.


Jennie said...

I so understand! I struggle already in preschool with snack time. Micah goes to the nurse's office (2 rooms away) for a 2oz water bolus through his tube. We send applesauce and a smoothie (honey bear cup) so that he knows to eat/drink with other kids. He does okay with it. But it's obvious that he is "different." Of course, Micah is so much smaller than the other kids, and less mobile, so it's quite apparent that he's "different."
Anyway... we are focusing on fine motor and eating this summer. I have another year until Kindergarten so I have a little time, but he's been on this tube for over four years.
Let me know what you decide. I didn't have a peer birthday party for Micah again this year because those gatherings point out his differences more than his similarities to his friends (no cake, scared of the singing, not as mobile, etc.).

Becca said...

Sammi's doing the practice lunchroom thingy at school this week, too. Not sure when, though, but I know it'll end with the contents of her tray sliding to the floor with a clatter. We'll probably pack her lunches next year. What did you decide?

Leah S. said...

I ended up keeping him home! It worked out great too. Not having to worry about being home for his noon bus allowed me to schedule an appointment for myself!