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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh Johnny Boy

There's a new movie out.'s true that I'm usually a little behind on the release dates of movies. This time I'm claiming "adoption" as the reason since while I was in Serbia I wasn't paying much attention to the movies that were coming out.

Yesterday a friend of mine and I were discussing meeting up at a theater with our kids. (and Axel's first ever experience in a movie theater!) While scanning Moviefone for show times I noticed there was a new Johnny Depp movie out.

I will say it right now. I love Johnny Depp. Not HIM though, but the characters he plays. They're always a bit on the odd and quirky side, and Johnny is great at making them believable. So anyway, I went looking for information about "The Tourist", and managed to google Johnny Depp images.

Wow! Put all those images in front of you at once, and it's very interesting to see the changes in him over the years! I know a lot of women who are physically attracted to Johnny, but I am not one of them. He's just not that hot to me. But I do have a tendency to fall for the bad boys (just ask my mom how that worked for me in high school. ;-) and many of Johnny's characters have fit that description.

Jack Sparrow. If only Jack Sparrow would pay a visit for just a few minutes. If his shirt fell off it would be ok too. Oh...wait...never mind! Jack Sparrow has Johnny's body which I'm not all that attracted to!

Then I remembered, I can pay a visit to Jack Sparrow any time I want. All I have to do is walk into Angela's room, and there he is, life size!

So, has anyone see "The Tourist" yet? How was it?

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