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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That church thing

So, I need to find a different church.

Ok, who am I kidding? We need to find "A CHURCH". I have lived here, in this house, in this town, for 6 years, and have yet to find a church home. Dean has been here for longer than that, and in the 7 years I've known him, he's been to church twice.

I (not we) have visited a couple of churches a couple of times. My mom wants to know "why not church "A"? Well, because I don't care for that church. Dean did visit that one and didn't care for it either. I don't have a reason why, just that it wasn't all warm and fuzzy for me there, nor was it for Angela. And if it's not for Angela...well she's 1/3 of the reason we're going. And my mom is a minister, so I shouldn't even need to explain this.

I (again not we) visited another church earlier this spring. They have a large special needs ministry (AND a lot of adoption related stuff!), but on the day in particular that I visited Angela went to the middle school group with the other kids since our neighbor was there. It was "ok", but I know they're in the mist of a leadership transition, and will be until the beginning of September, so things are kind of different around there right now. We might go back again in the fall when I can get Angela involved in the regular Sunday school schedule, etc. I dunno!

There is another church right up the street, with a well known special needs ministry. I've never been there, but have heard good things about it.

But tonight, as I was sitting here thinking about my church dilemma, I realized the one thing I haven't done. I haven't prayed about or for our new church home. I haven't prayed for them to be ready for our family, nor for us to be ready for them.

When I was waiting to meet Mr. Wonderful, I prayed that God was getting him ready for me, that he'd gone through all the life trials he'd needed to prepare him to live with me. (because Lord knows he was going to need all the preparation he could get with all that I was bringing to the table! Three kids, all with "issues", and a wounded heart with an independent streak that was hard to give up!) I also prayed for God to prepare ME for him!

And here we are, 7 years later, and still every day when he walks in the door after work my heart skips a beat, excited that he's home. That same thrill that I had days after we met still there.

That's kind of what I'm looking for in my church home. That as I get ready to go on Sunday morning, there is that air of excitement, "What are we going to learn today?" "I can't wait for Praise and Worship!"  A pastor who draws me in, not one who has me looking for a clock. A church that is accepting of my child, and soon to be two children who are different from everyone else, and yet they are the same. Maybe a church that has a Weds night biker group? Or maybe I could start one! Yeah! we could do a Wed night ride that ends with a bible study or something, that would be awesome. I do have my "must have's" though. Like it needs to be relatively close, since I have trouble getting to places it can't be on the other side of the city. That would be silly. Knowing God it's been right under my nose all along and I haven't been paying attention or something. God does stuff like that all the time, like with my car keys, only this would be with a church.

So that's my prayer morning since it's now 2:30 a.m!

Ok, Rubee (the golden retriever) bolted to the basement about 10 minutes ago, which made me wonder if there's a storm rolling in. And VIOLA! Thunder! Time for bed!


Karien Prinlsoo said...

Leah, at least you won't be able to misplace that lovely church and church family like you do your car keys.
I have the same feelings.

Lund7 said...

Love to have you attend our church sometime...its small but we love it!

Lisa said...


God will open that door to your church faster than you think. Start praying!

Now, for some biker/Christian fellowship, check out When you get to the main page, go to find a chapter, you are in the NorthCentral Region, your state, and there are 20 chapters or forming chapters there. If you can't find one at least relatively close to you, I'll be disappointed. No, you don't have to join, NO, you don't have to wear a helmet, YES, you have to want to have fun. :)