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Monday, June 14, 2010

End to a busy week

So you saw last week that it was crazy around here. The craziness is *almost* done.

Friday night was Angela's birthday party with sleepover (pictures later this week), then I had to be at the ACT testing site at 8:00 AM to take the test with all the other 17 year olds in the Twin City area. (HA! Boy was THAT uncomfortable!) I finished the rest (read "suffered through it) and raced home to pick up Angela and bring her to Dean's family reunion. We hung out there for a couple of hours before going home so I could get her packed for camp and make do a couple last minute errands for camp related items.

Saturday morning found Angela and I in the car at 11:00 for the 3 1/2 hr drive to Camp Knutson for Down  Syndrome Camp. This camp was started by my friend Angie when Angela and her son Ryan were just babies! Kids are ellligable once they turn 10. What an amazing camp it is. First of all, the grounds are perfect. Then, because everyone there has Down syndrome, everyone fits in! There isn't one camper who stands out as different, and everyone is included. There is something for everyone to do. Every year there are many campers who are there for the first time (my friend Ute's daughter Sabina is there for the first time this year at 16) and some who've been there for years. There always seems to be a shortage of girls so camp administration is always happy when there are new girls coming.

When Angela and I were just 10 minutes from home we crossed the Mississippi River, like we do almost every day. She hollered, "Cross Lake!" (where camp is held.) and I'm like, "Sorry chickie, we have another 3 hours yet!" The last 1/2 hour of the drive she started asking me, "You're just dropping me off, right?" In other words, "Please don't get out of the car mom, I can do this on my own." I assured her there were forms for me to sign, and her bag was too heavy for her to carry herself. (and yeah, I packed way too much stuff for her. LOL)  Here's a couple pictures of camp.

Saying goodbye to Dean "Bye Dean, I'm going to camp. Will you miss me?"

I promise I will miss you Dean!

She took time out of her busy schedule to let me take pictures of her cabin. Here's her cubby

And her bunk (with the fakiest smile ever)

And the front of her cabin. "Are we done yet? I have basketball to play!"

On to the fun stuff! (look, her feet are off the ground! LOL)

A giant game of ring around the rosie with some of the campers while we wait for dinner

"Mom! Why are you STILL HERE????"

And so I headed to my parents to spend the night before making the 4 hour drive home this morning. I have class tonight and tomorrow, with Weds. being my only open day. Thursday my friend Jane and I will drive back up to pick up our girls, then Friday Angela has a birthday party to go to, then her dads, then Dean and I are having a......(insert gasp here)....much needed date weekend!

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