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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dear Blogger: September 2017

Hi Blogger!

September 2017...

The kids went back to school! 
Oh man, do our buses come early this year!

We even managed to take our annual driveway picture!

One early morning as the kids were eating breakfast, I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye on the deck. The Hummers had found us!!!! With the kids off to school, I had nothing to do (cough cough), so I found myself in the sun, photographing the birds. I will spare you all the pictures, because I took thousands throughout the month, literally.

Angela and I took lots of field trips together. 
This is the famous Spoon and Cherry at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

These two darlings turned 13!!!!!

Audrey wears her cake well. 

Angela  had yet another CT scan done. 
She's had so many that I don't even remember what this one was for.

We went to the annual Step Up for Down Syndrome
With the Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota 
(Abel didn't want to be in the picture.) 

Our little Dorothy. This is the only time of day her
face is clean, before her very first bite of 
breakfast. I figured I should document it. 
And also, she forgot how to smile.

Dean and Axel both had a Friday off
so we took a field trip. We tried out the 
food trucks at Rice Park in St. Paul.

Goodbye September!

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Cindy said...

Beautiful family!