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Friday, July 07, 2017

Trying again - Running for Amos

A couple weeks ago I posted about Amos, but for some reason the link wouldn't work so I'm attempting again.

Back on April 3rd we packed up the family for a 10 hour road trip to Amos' sending state to finalize his adoption. FINALLY he would be forever hours. We were so excited! He has been with us two and a half years, it is high time to have this done.

Only it didn't happen that way. We arrived in the sending state to appear before the judge, only to be told we would have to start all over here in Minnesota. All the money on attorney fees we had spent was thrown right out the window. Whoever said adopting from he US is less expensive has no idea how difficult, and expensive, it actually is. You can read the whole story here, and why I'm "Running for Amos" to raise the last of the fees needed to complete his adoption once and for all.

******The widgets aren't working on blogger, so please CLICK HERE to read the full story and find out why we're having to start over. And if you feel like it, please share.*****

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