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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Running for Amos: The Last Run

I posted an update on our GoFundMe page, but I know not all of you reading here also make it over there. I'm just going to copy and paste here. If you feel you would like to help us along, please CLICK HERE to visit our gofundme page.

Tonight I am incredibly greatful to those who contributed $2017 to our boy. Some of you contributed multiple times. Names came up that I have not heard in years, but you were here, cheering me on!! I cannot...ever...thank you enough. 

I will admit, I am human and I am frustrated. I have just one run left. Only one, and am $2983 short of my goal. I feel like I failed Amos. On Tuesday Amos will be at the finish line (my front yard) waiting for me and I will have to tell him, "We're almost there buddy. Not quite yet. I cannot be your forever mom yet. Soon, but not yet." 

But have I really failed him? I have to remember that 8 weeks ago I was incredibly out of shape and couldn't run a single block. Over those 8 weeks have run a total of 51.96 miles, with three left to go on Tuesday. Every mile has been with Amos' smiling face in my mind. That little boy in the coral colored shirt. THAT is my boy!!! I have loved him every day for two years and 3 months. I have brushed his teeth, combed his hair, took care of him when he was sick, nursed him back to health after surgery, taught him to chew his food, use a toilet, and sleep in a bed. I have done all these things because I am his mother. I chose to be his mother, and all those things are just what mother's do. We don't do them for pats on the back, we do them because we love and that is our job. 
So with that, I will leave the rest to God. God has made sure our needs have been met with every single one of our adoptions, and He will for Amos too. Its just doesn't always happen the way I want or expect. 
Thank you again for all who have supported me in my Run for Amos.

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