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Saturday, May 06, 2017

What causes this to happen?

With the arrival of each new child I have purchased or acquired developmental toys at their level. Although they had never seen toys, much less experienced playing with them, my hope is always to get them interested in toys and attempt to teach appropriate play skills. 

It has never worked. 

I have quite the assortment of toys to teach various skills: a toy kitchen to teach pretend play, shape sorters, puzzles, stacking toys, etc. You name it, I have likely purchased it. 

Yesterday morning I stood in the family room, staring at the shelves full of play things collecting dust. As much as I hate garage sales -well I like going to them, I just don't like the work involved in having one - I decided it's time to have one. I would wait until the weekend and start going through stuff. 

Later in the day I was looking for Angela. I called for her several times with no response. I looked in her usual places. I finally found her, totally engrossed in the toddler toys. Angela was never one to play with toys. She was always so difficult to buy gifts for. Now here she was playing with a toddler car track thingy. At 21 years old.  

What causes this phenomenon to happen? The one where the mom thinks about getting rid of stuff so the kids start playing with it? 

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