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Monday, February 29, 2016

Let me see your tooth

Its very tough to get into Audrey's mouth. She is very good about letting me brush - even demanding requesting her teeth be brushed when I start doing everyone else's. But brushing is as much as she allows where teeth are concerned. She won't allow "inspecting" of teeth, or any kind of close look.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed Audrey and Asher both have a couple of loose teeth. Kids with Down syndrome have a tendency for their teeth to not fall out on their own, partly because many just don't wiggle their teeth like typical kids do. Thankfully Asher will let me wiggle his loose teeth, but Audrey is a big fat NO!

Tonight, while doing her range of motion stretches, I noticed she had one tooth sticking out of her mouth and ready to come out. I was able to pull it before she even knew what was happening because it was barely hanging on. She was fine with it, but like most kids, once she saw the tooth in my hand AND that she was bleeding, she freaked out. Oh she was M.A.D. at me!!!! But Daddy!!!! Daddy can make all things better and she let him clean up the what looked like a crime scene. Then it came time to check the other tooth. Yeah, she's not really going to let that happen. (when I wiped my mouth it wasn't because I was wiping off her kiss, but that her mouth was all bloody. Ewww) Audrey may be non-verbal, but she has no trouble getting her point across.

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