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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A little frustration, but all is still good

Audrey's surgery went very well. Her left knee took a lot longer than excpected, so her total time in surgery was 5 hours. Her ABR results show her hearing to be pefect, as we suspected.

There have been a couple of frustrations with this prococess. First, I was told Audrey would come out in casts that would be on 6 weeks, then move to immobilizers that would be on another 4-6 weeks. Instead she came out in immobilizers, and she will be fitted with a fixed brace with a hinge so her knees can be put in a range of motion machine, adding range of motion in small increments over the next 6-8 weeks. Ok, no biggie I guess, except that I knew it would add time to getting her discharged today (Thursday) and Dean needs to get to work.

The other frustration is she came out with an epidural in place. The anesthesiologist had told me he may do this, but did not tell me it would add 2-3 days to our stay! Audrey's comfort is the most important thing, but we need to be able to plan a bit for childcare for the other kids and all the other things involved. Add to it Audrey is having a problem with the epidural which may add another day or two to the stay.

Oh well. There is nothing we can do about any of this so we just move forward. Dean needs a break and the hoslital is quiet so he and I will switch places today. Then I can be at home getting vacation laundry done and the van cleaned out. Dean can take naps when Audrey
naps. ;-)
Angela came to help send Audrey off to surgery.

Soooo out of it after surgery. Thankfully with the epidural gt
She is very comfortable

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