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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Asher!

It is Halloween, but it is more than that to us.

Eleven years ago, on the other side of the world in Kragujevac, Serbia, a baby boy was born. His name was Lazar.

When Angela was born I was immediately surrounded by a community of parents who already knew how raising their children with Down syndrome was a positive thing in their lives. I lived in a community where every possible support service was already in place. I didn't have to fight for Angela for anything, it was all handed to her.

Baby Lazar's parents were not so lucky. Eleven years ago Serbia had next to nothing in the way of services, and society frowned upon those who chose to bring their "defective" children into their homes and neighborhoods. I can only imagine the anguish little Lazar's parents felt as they made the best decision they could: to place him into institutional care.

Four years ago today we didn't know it was his birthday as we hit "send" on an email to the Serbian adoption authorities. We said yes to a tiny 7 year old boy who's face we had never seen. We said yes based on the very diagnosis that caused him to be rejected by the society of his birth. Just a few weeks later we brought him home. We named him Asher.

Then Leah said, “How happy I am! The women will call me happy.” So she named him Asher.

Today we sang Happy Birthday to our boy. Our Asher.  I hope the mother who carried him in her belly for nine months understands how much we love this boy. I hope the father who was so excited to meet his first son knows how much thankful we are for this gift we kiss each morning. The fact our blessing means sadness to another family is not lost to us, and there is not one day that goes by when I don't think of them.

Happy Birthday Asher Lazar! We're so happy you're part of our family!
(please excuse my terrible singing!)


Relle said...

Happy Birthday Asher. Wow Leah I can't believe it has been four years. I started reading your blog just after you adopted Asher. We have an Asher too, who turned 9 on October 9th. He is one of our triplets. We named him Asher because it means happy and blessed, which so summed up how we felt about him. I'm sure that is also why you named your Asher, Asher. That cake looked so yummy. One of the things I love about having triplets, is that I make them their own cake and we get to eat cake for days yum. Hugs, Relle

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I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to Asher.