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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

How will we stand the wait?

We did it! Today we signed a purchase agreement on our new home! Of course, it is contingent on the sale of our current home, but still. OMG I'm so excited!!!

I had to stand at an angle from the house because of the sun, so the picture does not do it justice. As you can see it is currently under construction. It is due to be completed the end of July. We set a closing date for mid August but can move it should we need to according to the sale of our current house. I just want to be in before school starts. The kids who understand are very excited! We've been talking about "the new house" for several weeks and I'm pretty sure by now they think we're a bit cray cray. We have the access code for the house so sometime this week we'll take the kids over for their first look around. 

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Julia Smart said...

Hi there! Is there a way to contact you? I work with the Arbonne Charitable Foundation and we would love to connect with you as we are so inspired by you and your family!