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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Conversations with Angela

Sitting around the dinner table:

Angela: Mom, guess what.
Me: I have no idea. It could be anything. What?
Angela: I love ditching school.
Me: Ummm
Angela: Cutting class. It's my favorite.
Me: (blinking. My mom brain is processing slowly.)
Angela: Cut class. Skip school. Ditch class. Yep!
Me: What do you do when you cut class.
Angela: Go to choir! Duh!


At breakfast:

Me: Good morning Angela.
Angela: My name isn't Angela today.
Me: What is it?
Angela: Guess.
Me: It's 6:00 in the morning. There is a law that says no guessing is required until at least 8:00.
Angela: Ask me again.
Me: Ask you what?
Angela: Good morning.
Me: Good morning Angela.
Angela: (totally exasperated with me.) Mom! I'm not Angela. I'm Zack, remember? You have to say "Good morning Zack."
Me: Good morning zack.
Angela: Good morning Mom! I love you!


Angela, just in the door from school...

Angela: Hello? Anybody home?
Me: (standing in the entry.) Umm yes, I'm here. You just walked past me.
Angela: (faking surprise.) Oh! Hi mom! I'm not see you there.
Me: I'm sneaky that way.
Angela: Mom...I've make a decision.
Me: And what is that?
Angela: My decision is....hmmm (taps chin to think) My decision is.....Oh! I know! When I grow up I work at Applebees. Yep! That's my decision!


Becca said...

Love her imagination! These are the kinds of conversations I know we'll be having. Actually, we kind of have them now. I have a silly kid. :-)

CJ said...

She is awesome... totally awesome.

Unknown said...

I think the first one is my favourite. I remember when my 14-year-old came home from school all excited that he had only three classes a day. I was a bit confused, and I asked what were they going to do for the other three hours. He said, "Oh, English, Gym or Music and History".