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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And he hears!

I've been waiting for a month for today to roll around.

I don't remember if I posted that when Abel had his tonsils and adenoids removed last month, he also had an ABR done, which is a definitive hearing test. Many of us were shocked to find he did, indeed, have a hearing loss. Mr. Stinker Pants is very good at compensating!

We ordered his aids a few weeks ago and were able to pick them up today. Angela came along to offer  her assistance, having the audiologist first put her hearing aids on, then doing Abel's. I would have posted pictures of the actual visit, but I was busy wrestling the 12 legged cat named Abel to hold him still. It went better than our last visit, that's for sure! Still, Abel was on hyper-altert and not at all happy about having his ears messed with.

Now that we are home, he's had his hearing aids on for four hours and is doing great!

Look how grown up he's getting!

At $2,000 per ear, they are absolutely getting tied to his head! He doesn't keep his glasses on without a strap, but with the strap he completely leaves them alone. I don't want him to have two straps on his head so I have ordered a . Safe-n-sound band that will manage both his glasses and hearing aids together. I hope it works for him!


DandG said...

Yay! I wonder how this will impact the #%&@ meetings with the school....

Leah Spring said...

Well, they knew about the hearing loss (found out the day after we did) Their words "It's not a matter of qualifying, it's that we can provide the same services here." When, in reality, they can't even come close to duplicating the other program. And having a setting with natural language is preferable to a setting where an interpreter - or similar person - must be used. Especially when we're talking about a kid who is just learning to communicate.

Stephanie said...

He does look so much older already! I'm glad that his aids are in and he's adjusting to them well. I hope the school thing gets resolved in a positive way for Abel. Keep us posted (and call me to vent)!

DandG said...

I meant, if his hearing were sufficiently corrected, would he be able to adjust to a hearing classroom?

Dianna Chabot said...

How neat! Glad the hearing aids are working well so far!