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Monday, October 07, 2013

21 things about our family

In the past, for DS awareness month, I have posted 21 things about each of the kids. I might still get to that, but really, it is time consuming! Instead, how about 21 things about living in our house instead?

1. Routines are the key. All of our kids are pretty easy going and, for the most part, can switch gears pretty quickly. But, to keep the house running smoothly a routine for each part of the day is really important.  This is true for most kids, but I find it's extra important for the AAAA's.

2. Our kids go to bed pretty early. One of Angela's meds require her to get at least 10 hours of sleep. All of our kids go to bed at the same time between 7-7:30pm.

3. Abel wakes up around 4:00 every morning, no matter how late we keep him up.

4. When Abel arrived, he and Asher wore the same size clothes; 4's moving into 5's. Asher is still in 5's, but Abel is in 8's!!!!

5. We go through one + gallons of milk every day.

6. We go through one roll of toilet paper every day.

7. The amount of IEP related paperwork is overwhelming sometimes.

8. All my kids' IEP's are do at the same time. This is a scheduling nightmare.

9. Abel's favorite food is pancakes.

10. Asher's favorite food is baby rice cereal mixed with yogurt. This is what he was living on when he first came home. He hasn't had it in 6 months or so. I'm thinking about making it for his breakfast on his birthday. Angela's favorite food is pizza. Axel's favorite food is pancakes.

11. Axel learned to tie his shoes just a few months after coming home. Abel will be the next to learn.

12. Axel and Angela love to help the little boys with stuff like getting shoes or jackets on, even though they don't really need help.

13. Axel is now officially taller than Angela, by about 1/4 inch.

14. During the week I get everyone up for school and supervise the dressing, brushing of teeth, etc.. Dean sleeps in just a bit then watches to make sure Angela and Axel get on their respective buses and takes Asher down to his. On the weekends I usually sleep in and Dean manages breakfast for the kids.

15. All our kids love road trips, particularly if Radio Disney is playing.

16. Axel's favorite color is orange, Asher's is blue, Abel's is green and Angela's is purple.

17. Big brother Tyler often hangs out with us on the weekends. He is the only one of the "big boys" who really knows his new brothers. The kids adore him and are always asking, "Is Tyler coming today?"

18. There are 365 days in a year. Angela talks about her birthday several times per every single one of those 365 days.

19. All of the AAAA's will eat any vegetable we give them.

20. The AAAA's get along so well it's a bit weird. They genuinely care for one another and are quick to help another back to their feet if they fall.

21. Our lives are pretty normal. We might help tie someone's shoes or zip a jacket a bit longer than typical, or supervise showers/baths longer than we did with our other kids, but mostly our house is just normal. 


Mama said...

Vlado still can't tie his shoes. I have tried every angle I can think of including hand over hand and he just can't get it. Some advice would be ever so helpful. :)

Kathie Brinkman said...

@Mama, I gave up with Katie. She uses Lace Locks now and is completely independent with shoes now. $7.99 a pair, tons of colors, available through and elsewhere on the web. I have them for my walking shoes too.

Leah Spring said...

Kathie! Thanks for posting that. I couldn't remember the name of those things! I've been wanting to get them for Angela and Asher. Maybe Abel for awhile but I think once his OT starts working with him on tying he will get it pretty quickly. He just conquered snapping and now he's working on buttoning. I need to get zipping in there before winter hits. ;-)

Stephanie said...

Neat glimpse into your world, Leah; thanks for sharing. Owen loves pancakes too....maybe I'll just send him to your house on a Saturday morning for breakfast?! :)

Owen just learned to take his velcro shoes off, so tying is going to take quite awhile. I feel like we have YEARS of OT ahead of us.

Jaime said...

Number 18 made me laugh out loud! Great list!

Imogen said...

Pancakes are my fave too. Good choice, boys!

Scarehaircare said...

The Love Magnet also talks about her bday multiple times a day.

Karien Prinlsoo said...

Love your list Leah. I have learned so much from you and your children over the years. I have @ questions: How do you prepare/get your children to eat any vegetable? Kallen will eat some cooked, but nothing raw. will you share your pancake recipe? I think ours in south Africa is different that in the US. What do you eat with them? Our pancakes are thin- apparently like your crepes, and we eat it with cinnamon and sugar, sometimes I'll use it similar like a wrap with a meat and cheese filling.