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Friday, July 04, 2008

Scattering makes me nervous

My family is scattering this week, and it makes me very nervous. Dean is on a fishing trip with his brother and entire extended family. He's having blast, and I'm so glad!

Angela just left for a week with her dad. You may remember that just one year ago was the horrible crash that she and her dad were in when the suicide driver aimed for their truck. (actually, it happened August 18th) I'm VERY nervous about her going again, and almost said no. But there are things more important than my worry. Her brother Bryon leaves for Afghanistan next week, and she needs to say good bye to him. I just sent her off, and as she walked down the driveway with her dad I could hear her saying, "I'm so excited! I see Bryon and Robbie and the kids!" (she hasn't seen her brother Robbie since last August.), I said a prayer for her safety and tried not to be a tearful mother. Just as I was reaching up to wipe ONE tear, she turned and waved, "Bye mom! Love you! Have a great trip!"

Which brings me to my next point of anxiety. I am leaving on my first motorcycle trip alone. My "Epic Journey". Well...I'll be alone for the first 200 miles which isn't a big deal. I've been on many a motorcycle trip in my life, but I've always been either on the back of my mom's bike, or now Deans. But this one is just me....on my family along. I'm hooking up with a group of women riders I've never met before. And...can you believe...I'm sharing a hotel with one of them for the week? (and yes, I question my own sanity) Something I never would have considered doing 10 years ago! LOL I'll be riding up to Duluth MN and meeting them, and from there we'll be riding north east through Canada, and all the way around Lake Superior, down through Sault Ste. Marie, and from there I'll be riding home alone which is about 500 miles.

Tyler is just going to be hanging out here, supervising the ins and outs of the dogs and working.

This trip, because I'm on a motorcycle, makes me feel quite vulnerable, especially since everyone else in my family is going different directions as well. In each city we're staying in over the week, the forecast calls for rain. It's very possible I will melt. I get a little freaked out when it rains and I'm on my bike. I even considered keeping the sidecar on, as it's much more stable on wet roads, but it also changes the ride considerably...more than I want to give up. Our pediatrician recently put together a new "condensed health care plan" for all of her patients that is to be used in emergencies. It includes the names of all Angela's specialists, hospital chart numbers, medications and dosages, immunization dates, and prioritizes her medical issues in order of most critical to minor. I sent a copy with Angela's dad, and have one hanging on the fridge....just in case....

Please say a quick prayer for my family this week. That all are safe and happy. This week will bring many memories for all of us, they'll just be disconnected from each other.

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