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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Making things work

Angela is an extremely social young lady. She is also quite adventurous! When she first started at her work program, which takes place in a city skyway system, she got lost on the very first day! And by "lost", I mean she was six blocks away from where she should be, and had no idea where she was. This happened because, although it was her first day, she thought she knew her way around so she just kept walking...and the wrong direction.

Once Angela realized she was not in the right place, and she didn't recognize any landmarks, she kept walking until she found a security officer. Then she called me,  "Mom, I'm lost. Here. Talk to the security guy." and handed over her phone. Her job coach reconnected with her very quickly, and all was well.

Angela learned a couple of lessons in the process:

1) ANSWER your phone when you hear it ringing. Both her job coach and I were calling here and she wasn't answering. We don't know if she was refusing, or if she couldn't hear her phone.

2) If you don't know where you're going, don't walk in the front of a group. Walk in the middle or the back so someone who DOES know where they're going can show you the way. If you walk in front, and they turn a corner without you realizing, you will get lost.

3) If you can't find a security person, you can FaceTime Mom or the job coach so they can see your surroundings, and they can find you.

4) Once in awhile remind Mom to verify "find my phone" is turned on. ;-)

I probably don't need to tell you how panicked I was during this event. Or that the job coach, who wasn't yet familiar with Angela and her over confidence, was just as worried as I was. After that event, we started having Angela wear an AngelSense GPS tracking device. It has a lot of features that were really great, and we used it for over a year. However we recently decided to try a different GPS device. We still use the Angelsense for a couple of our other kids when we attend crowded community events.

After doing some research, we switched Angela to a Gizmo Watch. The device itself works great for Angela. Unfortunately we encountered a couple problem that are unique to Angela. First, Angela can't get it on herself, because it has a buckle. That second problem is that after a couple months of use we have discovered Angela is allergic to the silicone watchband. Hmmm we really like the device so how could I modify it to make it work for her?

To google I go! I found a few tutorials on how to make watch bands, and tonight I made one that is made with fleece. Not only will it be better against her skin, but it is stretch so she can get it on herself.

I used to do a lot of sewing, but haven't been able to in years. I barely remember how to thread my machine! I think this turned out ok. We'll see how it works for her then I'll make more. Hopefully this stays together and we don't lose the watch! LOL

Although I was planning on Christmas themed fabric
Angela chose this Star Wars fleece. 

I'd like to learn how to make velcro watch bands, however I would need to be very careful that the scratchy velcro can't touch Angela's skin at all! Her skin is incredibly sensitive and it would cause a breakdown within a day. I think these stretchy type bands are going to be the best option for her.

For those with loved ones who wear a GPS like this, do you have any other suggestions? 


Ms. B said...

Creative solution! I hope her job training is going well!

Cindy said...

My daughter doesn't use a GPS system, but what a fantastic idea to make a stretchy wrist band for her watch! Brilliant!