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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Four Years

A lot can happen in four years, and that has certainly been the case in our family! March 2014 was a big month for us! Some of it I don't care to remember, but other parts I never want to forget!

The first thing that happened was this! Meeting Audrey for the very first time. Oh this child!
This picture, taken in Belgrade, Serbia, was the day after I was given custody of her. She was 9 years old, and about 18 lbs.

On March 14, 2014, Audrey became our daughter. 

But really? We had no idea the impact Audrey had already made on our lives. We had no idea how she would keep me going on the days I just wanted to stay curled up in a fetal position. Our shift was just beginning to happen.

These are some pictures I've taken over the last few months. I can't believe she is 13!

Audrey has grown A LOT! She's finally wearing "tween" clothes (wearing size 10 in most clothes). But, with all that growth, she hasn't changed much. She understands English fully now, so she can follow many directions. She continues to be 100% non-verbal, and uses only a handful of ASL signs to get her wants and needs met. Audrey lives for music! She will drop everything if she hears even a single note. Although she has been in school 3 years now, Audrey does not know colors, numbers, shapes or letters. Well, at least we *think* she doesn't. Everything is on Audrey's terms, so maybe one day she'll show us that she really does know all these things but just didn't want to disclose that information! We do continue to have concerns about Audrey's lack of learning, and several doctors have suggested she has more than just Down syndrome, so we will soon be meeting with a geneticist to have some additional testing done.

We cannot imagine our lives without Audrey in it. She brings with her something so special. Her eyes speak volumes when her voice does not. We will continue to help find her voice, however that may be!


Marci said...

What a beautiful little girl.

Leslie said...

Holy cow I can't believe she's 13 now!

Youwebsky said...

Very Beautiful.