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Friday, December 15, 2017

Dear Blog, February

Hi Blog!

Can you believe it? Three posts in a row. I'm on a roll! In my attempt to catch you up on our life, here are February 2017's highlights:

Me, February 1, 2017

He wasn't sick. He had a pre-op exam in preparation
for his first knee replacement.

Axel celebrated his friend Daniel's birthday.

Amos had a pre-op exam too.

He had been with us 18 months at this point. We thought
his front tooth was just missing. Then one day, it came through! 
At 12 years old!

We picked up Axel's tux. He was very pleased with how
he looked. 

Male bonding moment: Helping Axel dress for the prom.

So handsome! 

These two, ready to go!

For the first time in all his parenting years,
Dean was in charge of doing valentines.

Amos had an MRI, ABR (hearing test)
and got his teeth cleaned. 

We had a few warm days, thrilling Asher
who likes to spend his spare time high
up in the trees. 

Cat continued to nap.

Angela had a dental emergency. 
Note her horrible color? Something is brewing...

I discovered cooking with the Sous Vide method.

Remember that bad coloring? 
She had aspiration pneumonia again. I had my suspicions about her swallow
and this confirmed it. But why? Why now?

I decided to white-wash the brick
in the living room! I loved the look once it was done,
but I will never take on that type of project again. LOL

Rain in February. Amos LOVES rain!


Unknown said...

So happy to see all the updates in your family. Love the Prom outfits!

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