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Thursday, September 15, 2016


This guy...12 years old today. His second birthday with our family. When he got up this morning, as he was coming up the stairs Dean and I started singing "Happy Birthday". He got the BIGGEST grin on his face. "Happy happy" he signed. "Cake. Birthday!"

Oh this boy! He has changed so much since finding his way into our family. He has gotten taller, and heavier. (size 5/6 bands now, and 6/7 shirts) Dressing himself, trying really hard to brush his own teeth, feeding himself all his meals and chewing all his food. FINALLY drinking from an open cup with very little spillage.

His favorite activities are jumping on the trampoline with Audrey, riding in the big van, or anything with water. Right at the end of summer he was just getting brave enough to get into our pool and stand on his own two feet, bouncing his way along the side. I hope next spring it doesn't take  long for him to start again.

Happy Happy Birthday Amos! We sure do love you!



ajnachtmann21 said...

He's losing his baby face...

Cindy said...

Happy birthday beautiful Amos!

Heather said...

Happy birthday Amos! What a great picture! Wonderful to get an update on him - sounds like he's thriving!