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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Because PURPLE

Dean and I have  needed a new mattress for a couple of years, but it became most apparent after I finished chemotherapy. My back started to be quite a problem, especially in the mornings when I first got up, or after sitting for longer than a minute! Then in February when Angela was in the hospital I had a terrible night on one of the hospital parent beds, which landed me in the orthopedic office. It was discovered my entire spine is full of arthritis. Thank you Chemo, for the gift that just keeps on giving! 

Anyway, we kept saying we would get a new mattress when we sold the house, but neither of us wanted to spend thousands of dollars on a mattress! Last year we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, and that mattress was the best thing I had slept on EVER. I researched that mattress, but couldn't bring myself to tell Dean the price. (over $2,000). Then I stumbled upon the mail-order mattress industry! After more research I had settled on one particular brand, and was just getting ready to purchase it when PURPLE was brought to my attention. 

I dug. I read. I compared thousands of reviews and watched video comparisons of the three main mail order mattresses. Finally, we settled on PURPLE. 

I placed the order on May 13th. I received an email with a video attached showing exactly how to unwrap the mattress when it arrives. On Youtube we had seen videos of other people opening their mattresses incorrectly and having a really tough time wrestling their mattress onto their beds, so we felt like we were well prepared. LOL 

The mattress shipped via UPS, and I was easily able to track it. Finally the UPS truck pulled up at  noon on May 31st. I raced to the door!

I knew from the UPS tracking this thing weighs 140 lbs, but I really needed a nap, and I really needed a nap on our new mattress! Only I'm not very patient and didn't feel like waiting until Dean got home from work. The company asks that you NOT try to move this by yourself. Note to self: I will never be able to commit a crime that involves hiding a 140 lb object! 

I tipped it over so it fell inside the door. 

Now what? I have to get it up 1/2 a flight of stairs! There are several handles on the packaging so I managed to stand the giant PURPLE thing up and get it onto the stairs. 

Getting it to the top of the steps was...well...interesting. But I am determined! 

Whew! That was TOUGH, and I needed a drink at that point. But the hardest part of getting it up the stairs was done, so there was no way I was quitting! Dragging that 140 lb thing to the bedroom wasn't easy either. 

Thankfully getting it onto the bed wasn't too difficult. 

One end of the packaging contains a zipper, and behind it is your tool for cutting through the packaging. Its a very sharp razor, so don't let your kids get hold of it. 

You also get some eye thingies, (do people really use those things?) and samples of the magic purple stuff that makes this mattress so special.

Cutting through the packaging is a breeze with the tool provided. It even cuts right through the zipper. 

Unfortunately this is where I discovered a problem.

Needless to say, a damp foam mattress isn't going to be staying in the house. Can you imagine the mold growing in there? 

I called customer service and the automated system said I was #7 in que, with the wait around 15 minutes. Finally at 22 minutes I was told I was next in line. Just a few more seconds and I was rolled another recording! This one said they are very busy and to please leave my name and number for a call back. Only I wasn't able leave a message because "this mailbox is no longer able to receive messages." because it was full. 


I hopped on their Facebook page and was very quickly able to connect with a customer service rep. who said with the Memorial Holiday weekend they were a bit behind. The rep instructed me to send an email to their customer service department describing the problem and they would send me out a new mattress immediately. I don't yet know how long that takes, or how they go about picking up the damp one, or who hauls the new one up the stairs because...yeah...I'm not really wanting to do that again! 

Anyway, the mattress, though a little damp, stayed on our bed because I was determined to sleep on that thing! 

The first thing I noticed was I can lay flat on my back and text people, which is something I can't normally do because my lower back hurts to bad. But on this mattress the support seems to be in all the right places. Because I was anxious about some things yesterday I didn't sleep very well last night. However, I didn't wake up this morning with my back hurting, OR my hips. Usually I have a really tough time getting out of bed in the morning, but not today! Dean did say his back hurt a little bit this morning, and it doesn't usually. I'm very curious to see how we sleep tonight!

Oh, I also got a free PURPLE seat cushion with my purchase, but its still in the box so I don't know what that's all about yet! LOL



Cindy said...

I've never heard of PURPLE - until now. Did they replace your mattress? I hope Dean is able to adjust to it!

Sherry Blanco said...

I was going to ask the same thing.