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Sunday, April 17, 2016

She's home!

We had originally planned for Angela to be in the hospital anywhere from 2-4 weeks, allowing her liver time to adjust to it's new blood flow, and her gut restart all its processes. We're thrilled that she's home on day 10!!!! 

Our patient is currently resting on the couch, and has had nothing but Tylenol all day, which is pretty amazing. She has handled this whole event so very well, and accepting some very difficult circumstances. She was even thanking staff after having to do something unpleasant like start a new IV line. We are so proud of her! 

We go back to the surgeon in two weeks for another ultrasound and blood work to make sure all is functioning as it should. Then she'll have several months for her liver to continue to grow and adjust. It will likely be September before we look at the next, and what should be last, step in her liver repair! We are so very thankful for the amazing doctors who are treating her!


jody said...

YES!!! You go girl. C'mon liver 💟

Cindy said...

Such great news!!