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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Guest Post from THE DAD

I would like to start this off by wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas"

I like to cook and on occasion I will make things from scratch, like chili, (okay, I haven't made it for a long time because Leah doesn't like it. No I don't need a new recipe because she just doesn't like chili), spaghetti, lasagna, stews, cookies, brownies, etc, etc. Unlike Leah who buys everything already made or "just add water" type of foods, or orders delivery or take out. Anyway, I learned a few things tonight while making those green wreath things with the little round cinnamon candy on them.

First, don't wait until the last minute to start making stuff. The stores wouldn't have it. I checked 4 stores for those little candy things! I could not find one package of them. Not the Dollar store, not Cub Foods, not Big Lots and my least favorite store Walmart. The guy at Walmart didn't even know what I was talking about.

Second, make sure you have everything you need, before hand, Here again I needed some ingredients that I forgot, like wax paper and a can of Spam, oops I mean PAM. Where did I go? You got it,Walmart. Wouldn't you think that wax paper would be in the aisle with the baking goods? Let me tell you, it's in the aisle with paper plates which is the aisle next to the dog food, away from the grocery part of the store.

Third, never ever measure liquids over what you are making. I didn't think that hole in that little jar of almond extract was that big.(Make sure you close the top good because that stuff pours out really fast when it tips over), I think I put three times the amount it called for.

Forth, marshmallows. Never ever put four cups of marshmallows in a four cup measuring container and put in the microwave. That stuff expands big time!

Fifth, I figured I screwed up the first batch so why not try another batch? After measuring the green dye the almond extract and vanilla extract, make sure you put it all in. I didn't. I think I was gun shy because of putting to much almond extract in the first batch and the smell of the almond extract I spilled on the counter made me not want to put it in like the recipe called for. Lets just say they aren't very green.

Sixth, ALWAYS measure your corn flakes. I figured I had a good eye for measurements and I found out I DON'T. I didn't have enough stuff to mix with the corn flakes and now not all of them are green colored.

I'm thinking of starting a cooking school. Does anyone want to enroll??

P.S. I also found out that milk chocolate chips melt better than semi sweet chocolate chips!!  

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rosedel said...

Oh my gosh you made me laugh. Thanks for sharing your adventures in baking.