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Thursday, September 04, 2014


We are loving watching the communication that is happening here with the kids. Asher and Abel's sign vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds! Both have 1:1 support staff in school who are fluent in ASL, plus we sign at home as well. (I'm a former ASL interpreter.) Here's a conversation we watched the boys have this morning. SO FUN, especially when you think of the fact 18 months ago Abel had zero ability to communicate in English or Serbian, and Asher had no ability 2 1/2 years ago.

The scene: Asher and Abel are waiting outside on the front step for Dad to bring them to the bus. Dad gets something out of the car, locks the door and goes into the house.

Abel pointing at car door handle: "Papa opened the car."
Asher: "Papa's car"
Abel: "You open it." 
Asher: "Papa's car. Yes."
Abel, touching the handle: "Open it."
Mom (from the house) "Abel don't touch."
Abel: "Mom said no. Don't touch. Open it."
Asher: "Mom said no."

Airplane flies over. Abel looks at the sky: "There's an airplane. Up there." (takes Asher's chin and makes him look at the sky.) "You do it. Airplane." 
Asher: Airplane
Abel: "Eating is done. I need to go to the bathroom." 
Asher: "Go to the bathroom." (points to the house.)
Abel: "Mom! I need to go to the bathroom!" 


Stephanie said...

I like how Abel is trying to get little brother to open the car up....sneaky!!!

Asher is quite good at communicating. He told me exactly what he wanted.....I was so pleased with myself that I ACTUALLY knew what he was signing. :)

Dianna Chabot said...

Oh Leah! This is SO exciting!!!! I remember Axel initiating conversations with me and the joy I felt watching him talk and sign. Now Abel and Asher are signing together and understanding each other. What a blessing you are to your entire family. ASL has definitely been the key which has unlocked a wealth of knowledge for your kids!! I am so very happy for you.