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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sentinel Node Biopsy

Next week when I have surgery I'll also be having a Sentinel Node Biopsy.

First I'll go to the breast center and will be injected with radioactive dye. Then they'll take me over to surgery to remove the tumor. They'll also use a geiger counter to follow the radio active dye to the first lymph node to biopsy it.

I came up with a brilliant question: "How do they inject the dye into the breast?"

I don't think I will be be asking anymore questions.

"The dye is injected through the nipple. You will be given a local anesthetic but there will be some discomfort."

What the…WHAT????

Through the nipple??? Ummm excuse me? That is a one-way orifice! Things don't go "in", they only come "out".  OUT PEOPLE!!!

Who came up with this idea? "Lets get a woman with breast cancer, and put a needle into her nipple, inject blue radioactive dye, then chase it around with a geiger counter. Yes. Yes lets do that!"

For your viewing pleasure, I present to you this one minute video titled, "Sentinel Node Biopsy"

I am not at all worried about surgery and being put to sleep. No. No instead I am worried about the DYE being injected before hand! I want a sedative. Now would be good.

Ok. I get it. Just like labor and delivery, thousands of women experience this every single day and they live through it, and in all likelihood I will too. Yes, I get that. I just don't really want to be one of those thousands who experience this biopsy. I don't want the "badge of honor", I won't want the battle scars. I just want it to go away.

Stupid cancer. 


mielkay said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Reading your blog made me realize the importance of mammograms. I'm 43 and have yet to have one.

rosedel said...

See that's just crazy BS! Why can't they put you to sleep and then inject the dye? Because it is easier for them? Certainly not to make it easier for you! This stuff makes me crazy. Makes me want to tap dance on the heads of doctors! I'll bet they don't inject dye in a testicle while the guy is awake to look for sentinel nodes! I'm sorry. Just know if you scream and cuss like a sailor I'm with you in spirit

Relle said...

A man must have come up with this idea. NO woman would ever say lets go though the nipple. I think if you have to put up with stupid cancer and a surgery, you SHOULD absolutely be given a sedative. It is your right!!!! I agree with rosedel, that surely they could put you under before inserting the die. It's not like your being awake is going to help them find the stupid cancer or anything. Praying they give you a sedative and kind hospital staff to look after you as a precious mother with five children at home should be. So in other words like a QUEEN. No peas under your mattress and silver service. Smile

Relle said...

Leah, i was just on another favourite blog(yours is also on my favourite list). Anyway she mentioned a book called The Silver Lining. It is written by a lady who has been through breat cancer. When it happened to her she couldn't find anything to read that was helpful, so she wrote her own. Hollye Jacobs is a hospice and palliative care nurse. She has lots of helpful info, to help family and friends understand as well as help the mum through her journey. The blog was Velvet and Linen if you would like to check it out. Hugs