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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shriner's Update

Today was our appointment at Shriner's Hospital.

It was Axel's 2 year post-op follow up. He is doing just great and the surgeon is pleased.

Asher had his c-spine and then full-spine X-rays. He has horrible kyphosis but it is completely positional and not something we need to worry about for now. His AAI is...well...not really AAI.

AAI is movement between the C1 and C1 vertebrae. Last year Asher's was borderline, but now it looks fine, measuring at 4mm which is within normal ranges.

And then there is AOI. That is the movement between the Occipital (the head) and C1. That measurement needs to be under 10 mm, and anything over that needs to be fused. Ashers measures 8.5-9mm. Most kids don't get worse after age 8, but Asher has delayed bone development. So, we're going to recheck him in 2 years and see where it's at. For now he has no restrictions. YAY!


DandG said...

Yay! Now you get some time with your friend. Have fun in Philly!

Cindy said...

Yay! Great news!