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Saturday, December 29, 2007

She's coming home!!!

You may remember this post about Bringing Sasha Home
I'm thrilled to tell you that they have a travel date!!!! Their date for court in Aleksa's country is January 21st. Both Mom and Dad will need to be there for a couple weeks, but Mom will need to stay for several weeks. Aleksa should be home the end of February! HOORAY!!! Please keep their entire family in your prayers as they go through the difficult leg of this journey, being away from their other kids! Please pray for smooth court proceedings in Eastern Europe, safe travel at each leg of the trip, and for Auntie Elizabeth who will be caring for the kids while they're gone. And really, I want to say a special prayer for GOOD HEALTH for everyone involved!

And one more thing. Please, if you have it in your heart to contribute to Aleksa's adoption costs, you can do so by visiting her page at Reese's Rainbow


Meredith said...

You, my friend, have made me smile :) I can't wait to hold Aleksa in my arms! Thank you for sharing our excitement and for passing along the word!

And... I didn't know Angela's middle name was Faith! (I read your blog on the reader) Our little one will be Aleksa Faith!

Team Possibles said...

Hello Leah,
I am Marie's mom - Renée, Marie is 17 yrs old, I am the artist/art teacher who works with the Teen possibles. I wanted to share our new Exhibition blog address with you from the - Team - Teen Possibles:

I misunderstood the young lady who gave us the original name: she said Team Possibles - not Teen Possibles. It's fixed now.

Hope all goes well for you, your family & friends in the new year - & I will keep you in my prayers too.