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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apple Orchard 2012

It's been a very long time since I've been on a kindergarten field trip. Yep, it's been 11 years! Who knew time could fly so fast? Today was Asher's class trip to the Applewood Orchard. I was SO excited for several reasons. It's so fun to watch "the firsts" with a kid who's come from a place like Asher's former orphanage. And those first-time experiences? They come with a whole boatload of new vocabulary! I think Asher was exposed to 15-20 new signs today! I'm going to put some of them in the post. Some of these are phrases he has heard before, but nobody has shown him the signs.

Riding on the big bus with Mom! This was the first time he's been on the big bus without being buckled in and with all these kids at once. He was pretty mystified by it. Vocabulary words: Name tag, isle (on the bus) 

In the orphanage there was very little stimulation. When the hot water radiators would kick in, all the kids would run over and put their faces against it to feel the vibration. Asher is still obsessed with feeling vibration through his cheeks. He puts his face on EVERYTHING. Toddlers explore their world with their mouths, Asher - the nearly 8 year old toddler that he is - explores his world through vibration in his cheeks. Here he's putting his cheek on the wall of the bus.

As soon as we got there it was easy to see Asher wasn't thrilled. There was so much activity at once and he was a bit overwhelmed. 

We got our bags to put apples in. Asher couldn't believe I gave him something to dangle! LOL A side note: Notice how much smaller he is than the other kids? Those are all 5 and 6 year olds. Asher will be 8 next month! (vocabulary words: Line up, bag, write your name)

Getting ready for the hay ride! (vocabulary: wagon, tractor, hay)

Is he not the cutest apple picker EVER?????

 Ok, this smile is a bit deceiving. He did NOT like walking in among the trees, nor reaching into one for an apple. But Asher is a kid who needs to do things a couple of times, and then he's like, "Oh THAT's what you were trying to show me!" I will probably take him to the same apple orchard again and he'll enjoy it the second time. It's just how he rolls. (vocabulary: apple, apple orchard, pick the apple, twist)

This John who drove the tractor. He couldn't believe Asher was going to be 8. I have to tell you, this is one of the first times Asher showed some hesitancy around a new person and really wanted MOM to pick him up.

Watching his friends take turns on the apple press. 

Asher really enjoyed taking his turn on the press. I didn't think he'd be able to turn the handle but he did it quite well! (vocabulary: press, machine, bucket, turn (as in turn it) and turn (as in your turn) )

The straw pile! You can see by his face he was NOT having any of this, thank you very much! But it was a classic example of him needing to do it more than once. Later when we came back to it he drug me up the pile with him to play with the other kids. He needed a hand to be stable enough to walk. Then he nicely signed "all done" and we got off. He was very happy and content with the experience at that point. (vocabulary: Hay, pile, wrestle (some of his friends were wrestling) )

In the end it was a great day and we really had a good time. Asher was exhausted and fell asleep on the way back to school, and was in bed early tonight!


DandG said...

Looks like a success!

I thought you were doing cued speech with him? Are you doing both?

Leah S. said...

Asher we are doing only ASL. He doesn't have anywhere near the fine motor skills to do Cued speech. (his fine motor skills are somewhere around 12 months) Axel is getting both ASL and Cued speech. He is able to cue all the handshapes and is now starting to put words together.

Jaime said...

I can't believe how cute he is!

Difference2This1 said...

He is one of the cutest little guys out there! :) So glad you got to go on this trip and capture it all!!!!

Anna said...

Were you teaching him all of the new signs or did he have a teacher or aide that was teaching? This is the biggest thing we need help with. We have learned 300ish signs and now need to be in situations such as this to learn more. Thank you for sharing, I am intrigued.

Leah S. said...

Anna, this is me teaching him. I'm a former ASL interpreter. There is NOBODY at school who signs, which is an issue we're trying to get fixed.